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Transition Year

Transition Year

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Transition Year
The aims of the Transition Year Programme are
  • To enable students to pursue educational objectives outside the examination system
  • To develop a broad range of life skills
  • To create a spirit of enterprise, self-motivation and responsibility in the students
  • To develop a sense of self-confidence and self-sufficiency
  • To achieve and record various certificates of achievement

Latest News

St Mary’s Academy is taking part in the GLOBE Air Quality Monitoring Programme (NASA) this year. This week with the help of Martin, three air quality diffusion tubes where installed where they will monitor the air quality around our school for the next two weeks before being sent for analysis. We have located them at the school entrance and beside the gym.

Space Careers Roadshow with ESERO, the students had a fantastic day where they got to chat with space engineers and physicists.

Martin helping with the installation of Air Quality Meters
TY Physics Team
The focus of the Transition Year is on preparing students for the world of business and the workplace. Students are encouraged to participate and achieve certification in Gaisce, the Edmund Rice Awards, the Young Scientist Exhibition, the Young Entrepreneur Compe­tition, Young Social Innovators and the Horizon Project.

Subjects Studied
Business Studies (Mini-Company)
Heritage Studies
Science, Maths
Drama, Film
Development Education
Work Experience Modules
Irish, English, RE, Art, Local Studies
Physical Education
First Aid

GAA Future Leaders

The “Future Leaders Transition Year Programme” is a joint initiative from the GAA and the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST). It is a cross-curricular programme comprising of a series of modules designed to encourage maturity, initiative, responsibility and leadership skills in pupils. The Programme gives pupils the knowledge and skills to support all roles required in the effective staging of Gaelic Games. As part of the Programme students are challenged to organise and run both on-field and off-field events for younger students.

Encouraging the Designers of the Future

Education For Life

In this Transition Year module students have the opportunity to learn and practice skills they will use in everyday living. Students will acquire essential know-how and hands on experience with such tasks as;

  • Washing/Ironing clothes
  • Basic Sewing Techniques
  • Basic Car Maintenance
  • Household Budgeting
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Basic Childcare
  • Household Plumbing

Learning that takes place in the classroom will be translated to the home, where students can continue to hone these skills in the real world.


The Transition Year Film Module encompasses a variety of aspects of film making and visual awareness. Following an introduction to visual communication and advertising, students will have the opportunity to script, storyboard, film and edit their own short story as part of a group. Students will have a chance to perform various roles in the process, having gained experience from the initial Drama Workshop as a warm-up to the module.

Visual communication & Advertising

  • Be more visually aware
  • Be able to critically evaluate advertising/film

Film theory & the history of film-making

  • Analyse film-making techniques and trends

Short Film-making

  • Generate ideas
  • Write a script
  • Create a storyboard
  • Work as a group to translate their concept onto film
  • Demonstrate the use of a camera and basic technical skills in filming
  • Edit using Power Director Pro

In the past, TY Film students have participated in the Walk in My Shoes: ‘Frame of Mind’ short-film competition for St Pat’s Mental Health, with numerous nominations and proudly taking home the prize in 2017.

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