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Music / Drama

Music / Drama

Music & Drama

There is a long-standing tradition of Music in St. Mary's Academy CBS. Students are given the opportunity to choose Music as a curricular subject in 1st year for Junior Cycle and in 5th year for Senior Cycle. In Transition Year students participate in music modules which broaden their understanding of the subject.

Music also plays an important role in yearly events in St. Mary's Academy CBS. Choirs and bands are formed and represent the school admirably at these events. Staff and students have also collaborated to produce the "CBS Factor" show which gives many of our talented musicians and singers an opportunity to showcase their musical ability. The "CBS Factor" is often regarded as a highlight for many students in St. Mary's Academy CBS.


Our Transition year school Musical, in collaboration with St. Leo’s College, is a highlight of our school calendar. In 2023, our students brought to life Disney’s fairytale of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in the Visual Theatre. It was the seventh collaboration between the two schools since 2015. It was a first-time stage performance for many of our students and they took to their roles with great enthusiasm.

Music / DramaMusic / DramaMusic / DramaMusic / DramaMusic / DramaMusic / DramaMusic / DramaMusic / Drama
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