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ICT & Coding


The Transition Year Coding module is an opportunity for students to learn a new skill and create a web-based portfolio using HTML and CSS to display their TY coursework. Exploring how the Internet and World Wide Web function leads to a greater understanding, and appreciation, of the technology so prevalent in their everyday life.

Problem solving and computational thinking skills are developed in this course as students build and create software projects using their own ideas and imagination. The course looks to offer insight into possible future studies in computer science and software engineering.

In St. Mary’s Academy we participate in Hour of Code each year, a worldwide initiative encouraging students across the globe to code for 1 hour simultaneously to solve problems in a fun and engaging way.

Short Course ‘Intro to Coding and Video Game Design’, designed by our school, was accredited by the NCCA and provided a great platform for students to translate knowledge from their own hobbies into practical skills in coding.

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