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Board of Management October 2018 - September 2021

Board Of Management


The Board of Management, of a voluntary secondary school, is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the curriculum of the school is in accordance with the religious and educational criteria defined by the Trustees (ERST).

As outlined in the Articles of Management the Board of Management consists of eight persons:

  • Four members nominated by the Trustees of the school. One of their nominations is appointed as chairperson;
  • Two parents representatives - legal guardians of children currently attending the school, elected by parents whose children currently attend the school;
  • Two teacher representatives - elected by all the current pro-rata contracted, non-casual, job-sharing and current full-time teachers on the staff of the school on the date of election.

Following their nomination or election, all eight members of the Board are appointed by the Trustees.

The Principal, as outlined in the Articles of Management, acts as Secretary to the Board (AoM 11(a))

Patricia Wall Trustee Nominee ( Chairperson)
Padraig Cawley Trustee Nominee
Helena McKenna Trustee Nominee
James O'Byrne Trustee Nominee
Jo Shannon Parents Elected Nominee
Anne Markey Parents Elected Nominee
Michelle Dunne Staff Nominee
Maurice Browne Staff Nominee
Fiona Lennon Secretary to the Board

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